Thursday, February 23, 2017

AOTB® Syndicated Radio Show

Aging Outside the Box ® ~ Talk Radio With A Twist™ Syndicated Radio Show with Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host, Shirley W. Mitchell airs every Wednesday night at 6PM-CST

"Aging Outside the Box® ~ Talk Radio With A Twist™" Syndicated Radio Show with Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host, Shirley W. Mitchell, is a weekly Top-Rated one-hour LIVE Broadcast aired every Wednesday night at 6PM-CST. The show features Special Guests and important topics like Aging, Baby Boomers, Seniors and Senior Lifestyles, Health, Diet, Exercise, Fashion, Beauty, Nutrition, Faith, Travel, Reference and Culinary, along with some of the most important medical information of today as we interview authors, writers, speakers, artists and, business, medical and media professionals. Listeners who have questions or comments for the Host or Guests can connect with us on Skype @ Lighthouse Coastal Productions or send us an E-mail to Agent @ Those wishing to be a Guest must "Sign-up" on the Show Promo Website.

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Feb. 23, 2017 - We have a New Show Platform Coming Soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Golden Egg of Aging™

Shirley W. Mitchell, The Golden Egg of Aging™ - National Author, Writer, Speaker, Syndicated Columnist and Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host
Shirley W. Mitchell, past elementary teacher, past chairman of the Marshall County Women's Club, past owner-rider of championship walking horses, is a mother of three, grandmother of ten and a great-grandmother of three. Growing up in the South in Northern Alabama on a tenant cotton farm working with all her family members in the tenant cotton fields, even at that young age she had a "Vision and Passion" to make her life and others' lives more productive, seeing what hard, long work days and getting older did to those around her. Her life "Passion" and "Mission" is to promote "Positive Aging and Vitality in Health". Favorite pastimes are her Faith, spending time with family, travel, promoting her works and speaking all across the country! Ms. Mitchell has appeared on many local and national radio & TV shows, and has authored many articles that have appeared in several national magazines.

Shirley W. Mitchell ~ "The Golden Egg of Aging™"

She is the author of 13 books including "The Christian Writer's Desk Diary", "The Beauty of Being God's Woman™", "Spiritual Sparks for Busy Women™", "Fabulous after 50®", "Sensational after 60®", Radiant after 70®, and the co-author of 5 books including "Love Notes for Mom", "Love Notes for Dad", "101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life", "Love Like God~Embracing Unconditional Love" and "Women Will Save The World". Shirley is the publisher of the syndicated "Fabulous after Fifty™" on-line column, a featured columnist for Senior Lifestyle Magazine, and a member of "The Lit Chicks Literary Writers Critique Group" of Sand Mountain Alabama. Ms. Mitchell is the celebrity radio talk show host of the syndicated radio shows "Aging Outside the Box® ~ Talk Radio With A Twist™" and "Aging Outside the Box® Christian Spiritual Sparks™", which are produced by Lighthouse Coastal Productions in Sardis City, AL.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fabulous after 50~FindingFulfillment forTomorrow

Fabulous After 50~Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow - ISBN# 9781603747370 - eBook ISBN# 9781603747387 by Shirley W.Mitchell with Whitaker House
Fabulous after 50~Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow...
In this age of living longer, many women forget about living better. The race to prolong life somehow stops the drive to add quality to that life. This doesn't have to be so, and here is dynamic proof of that daring defiance. Author Shirley Mitchell challenges those approaching 50 not to dread it, but to relish the future. Greet it and make it your friend. Realize that passing through physical, emotional, and spiritual changes can take you to powerful places filled with new possibilities. Purchase Your Copy Today!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sensational after 60~Loving Life All Over Again

Sensational After 60~Loving Life All Over Again - ISBN# 9781603747479 - eBook ISBN# 9781603747486 by Shirley W. Mitchell with Whitaker House
Sensational after 60~Loving Life All Over Again...
Your career is nearing its end. Your grandchildren are leaving home. Health challenges are affecting some of your closest relationships. It's the aging thing-the dreaded "A" word. If you find yourself dreading any more candles on your birthday cake, take some tips from Shirley W. Mitchell. Teaching people how to live sensational lives after 60 is her passion. She's succeeded at it, and so can you! Shirley addresses a host of important issues, from medical concerns to coping with the loss of a spouse. Learn how to embrace challenges like... Grandparenting, Nutrition and Health Choices, Unexpected Opportunities and Challenges,The End of a Marriage and Finances. Most of all, you will learn that your future is immeasurably bright. Your best years may still be ahead of you! Purchase Your Copy Today!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Radiant after 70~Adding Sparkle and Spirit to Life

Radiant after 70~Adding Sparkle and Spirit to Life - ISBN# 9781629113494 - eBook ISBN# 9781629113500 by Shirley W. Mitchell with Whitaker House
Aches and pains, frequent doctor visits, and prescription medication don't have to define your seventh decade. In Radiant After 70, Shirley Mitchell reminds all seventy-something's that they have the power to live well. In each of us, there is a desire for health, beauty, and vibrant relationships. And the seventh decade is the perfect time to invest in these areas of our lives. In the last, most thrilling quarter of life, join Shirley in...
~ Staying physically and mentally active
~ Blessing others with time-tested wisdom
~ Creating and fulfilling a bucket list
~ Recognizing and acting on symptoms of age-related health problems
~ Choosing a positive, hopeful attitude
You don't have to live down in the dumps. Embrace the positives of life and hold on to hope, which is not defined by outward circumstances. Be a light to others by living beautifully, even radiantly, after 70.  Purchase Your Copy Today!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

2017 Schedule of Events

Feb. 9, 2017... 5-7PM... Ashville Chamber of Commerce Monthly Meeting ~ Rt. 231 Ashville, AL
Feb. 16-21, 2017... 10am-5PM... Amelia Island Book Festival ~ Fernandina Beach Middle School 315 Citrona Drive Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
Feb. 26-Mar. 2, 2017... 8am-5PM... NRB-International Christian Media Convention ~ Orlando World Center Marriott 8701 World Center Dr. Orlando, FL 32821
Mar. 2, 2017... 6-8PM... Mobile Writers Guild Meeting ~ West Regional Library 5555 Grelot Rd, Mobile, AL 36609
Mar. 9, 2017... 7-9am... Boaz Chamber of Commerce Early Morning Breakfast ~ Boaz Library 404 Thomas Ave. Boaz, AL 35957
Mar. 25, 2017... 11am-2PM... Shelbyville Spring Multi-Author Signing ~ New Covenant Christian Bookstore 800 North Main Street Shelbyville, TN 37160
Apr. 1, 2017... 10am–8PM... Alabama Chocolate Festival ~ Rainbow Plaza Shopping Center 3225 Rainbow Drive Rainbow City, AL 35906
Apr. 6, 2017... 6-8PM... Mobile Writers Guild Meeting ~ West Regional Library 5555 Grelot Rd, Mobile, AL 36609 
Apr. 7-8, 2017... 9am-6PM... 4th Annual Alabama Farm and Poultry Expo and Spring Outdoor Show ~ VFW Fair Grounds Rt. 431 Boaz, AL
Apr. 13, 2017... 7-9am... Boaz Chamber of Commerce Early Morning Breakfast ~ Boaz AL
Apr. 18, 2017... 6PM... "Home Town Heros" ~ 69th Annual Chamber Banquet
Apr. 21-22, 2017... 5PM (F) 10am-5PM (S)... 16th Annual Gardendale Magnolia Festival ~ Gardendale Civic Center 857 Main St. Gardendale, AL
Apr. 22, 2017... 9am-4PM... 11th Annual Alabama Book Festival ~ Montgomery, AL
Apr. 29, 2017...  3rd Annual Irondale Spring Festival ~ Historic Downtown Irondale, AL 35210
May 4, 2017... 6-8PM... Mobile Writers Guild Meeting ~ West Regional Library 5555 Grelot Rd, Mobile, AL 36609
May 5, 2017... 7-9am... Boaz Chamber of Commerce Early Morning Breakfast ~ Boaz AL
Jun. 1, 2017... 6-8PM... Mobile Writers Guild Meeting ~ West Regional Library 5555 Grelot Rd, Mobile, AL 36609
Jun. 17, 2017... 8am-3PM... The Conecuh Alabama Blueberry Festival ~ Jennings Park Persimmon Street Hwy 41 & 31 Brewton, AL
Jun. 27-30, 2017... 8am-5PM... CBA~UNITE 2017 International Christian Retail Show ~ Duke Energy Convention Center 525 Elm Street Cincinnati, OH 45202
Aug. 17, 2017... Dothan Downtown Music Festival ~ Dothan Civic Center Arena 126 N. Saint Andrews St. Dothan, AL
Oct. 6-7, 2017...  8am-6PM... 53rd Boaz Harvest Festival ~ Downtown Main St. Boaz, AL 35957
Oct. 29, 2017... 1-5PM... The East Alabama Book Festival ~ Arts & Humanities Month by the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn Pebble Hill 101 S. Debardeleben Street Auburn, AL 36849